My Intelligent design is a creative

solutions provider based in

Melbourne, Australia.

We offer our customers proven digital products for their business. Our service not only provides digital solutions, we also provide the necessary education so our customers can make the most of their online investment.

What we do:

Web design

Wordpress websites done well.


We can get your store online.

Digital Marketing

All the social media likes.


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So why you?

That is an easy question
to answer:


Our customers will know their business better than anyone, but they may not possess the necessary skills to convert these ideas in to something viable. With every solution we will provide our customers with a tailored syllabus to help empower them to use the technology their business requires.


Every job is different, and there is no single creative solution. We have a team of talented individuals which can help make a mission statement in to a reality. So members of our team have over 20 years of industry experience. This ensures that we will be able to provide you with a professional result every time.

What does this mean

for me?

What separates us from our competitors is our education component. Realistically, we can’t turn our customers into developers and coders, but we can help them understand how to best utilise the technology their business requires.

What we do:

Customer Focused

A lot of companies say that, we actually have designed our company around making our customers our star talent.

Results Driven

No just any results, we believe there is a formula for adapting fluid concepts such as creativity in to a business orientated solution.

Time Friendly

We understand that our customers are busy, so are we. Our solutions are intended to be just that, not another problem instead.